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Mixer and delivery systems

Mixer and Delivery Systems Family

We offer a range of bone cement mixing and delivery systems that give physicians control and improve ease-of-use while treating vertebral compression fractures.

Our mixer and delivery system related products

AutoPlex mixer and delivery system

The AutoPlex system is fast and easy to use. With the press of a single button, it mixes, transfers and primes (ready to inject) highly viscous bone cement for delivery in less than 60 seconds.

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PCD mixer and delivery system

As an all-in-one mixer and delivery system, our PCD system is easy to use, provides desired cement consistency and improves procedural efficiency.

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VertePort coaxial system
VertePort cement cannula

The VertePort cement cannula is a coaxial, hollow-needle system developed specifically for vertebral augmentation. The system offers multiple ways to deliver bone cement during VCF treatments.

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Manifold no labels
VertePort X4 manifold cement delivery assistant

Our cement-filling device for loading up to four cement cannulae at one time, affording an opportunity for quicker and more efficient procedures.

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